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I am quite fascinated by the Coins of India, Bank Notes of India, Autographs of Celebrities. I used to collect the same as a Hobby but now I wish to study it more and collect as much information as possible. Surely such knowledge help to understand Indian History and Culture in much better way and one can learn many interesting things about India. So if you have any inputs to increase my database and knowledge about such items and collection, please do tell me.

On this website I display only the items I have seen myself and taken photo myself, so there may be many Notes, Coins which are minted, printed but as I have not seen those myself so I am not mentioning it on this website. I would surely request the fellow collectors to share your collection, unique items with me so that I can learn more about them and if you permit then I may include the same on my website. I sincerely request you to give your suggestion about my website and how to improve it.

So that I can incorporate your suggestions and improve the website for all fellow collectors and the individual who is interested to know more about these Hobbies.

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